Barge Dimensions120 ft x 44 ft x 8 ft
Max Load, Full Rev.50 ton
Single Line Pull33,000 lbs
Boom Length104 ft

The Mukilteo is one of ý Construction's most versatile floating cranes. Its maneuverability is unparalleled as it is nimble enough to navigate close proximity locations yet powerful enough to tackle those tough piles. This floating crane is one of the most requested pieces of equipment within the ý Construction fleet due to its marine construction and dredging capabilities.

Applications; Clamshell Work - Dredging, Pile Driving, Lifting

Barge Dimensions

  • 120 ft x 44 ft x 8 ft
  • 3.5 - 4.5 ft Draft Fully Equipped

3 Spuds - Length = 90 ft, Dia. = 22 in

Dredging Buckets; 7 cy Re-handle, 5 cy Digging