ý has highly specialized equipment. We have a wide range of floating cranes ranging from 30-ton to 200-ton capacity, and each are designed for specific performances.  We also have several sizes of flat deck barges and dump barges which gives us versatility and capacity to perform a range of projects for our clients. Our land base cranes consist of crawler cranes, mobile cranes, and our two 85-ton whirly cranes. In addition, we have a large selection of utility vehicles and support equipment pieces.

We take pride in keeping our equipment meticulously maintained, and on the forefront of industry demands.


With a full fleet of floating, transit, crawler, and whirly cranes, we can handle most heavy lifts.



Our fleet of flat-deck and dump barges gives us the versatility to dredge, demo, haul, and build at almost any site in the Northwest.


Tugs & Assist

Getting from here to there is an essential part of any operation. We have the waterway workhorses to keep the project moving.