Marine Construction

If your marine construction project hinges on heavy lifting and pile driving, we have the experience, equipment, and management team to complete it efficiently and cost-effectively.


Our Marine Construction projects involve specialized operations such as pile driving, heavy lifting, concrete and steel work.  Our teams are skilled in these areas and have performed all types of Marine Construction projects including work involving demolition, maintenance, repairs, rehabilitation and new construction.

Most of these types of jobs take a substantial amount of planning and preparation before and during the process of construction.  Our experienced management team and seasoned professionals in the field work closely together to deliver safe, efficient and quality projects.

Some of the Marine Construction projects include;

  • Wharfs and Piers
  • Marinas
  • Ferry System Terminals
  • Mooring Dolphins
  • Breakwaters
  • Bridges
  • Marine Outfalls


Whether dredging for environmental or navigational reasons, we have the tools, team, and track record to execute projects requiring open-water disposal or containment and remediation.


Navagational Dredging - These projects typically involve suitable material for open-water disposal.  Technologically advanced equipment and experienced operators provide ý Construction with the ability to dredge efficiently and accurately.  This is a 24/7 operation that requires skilled craftsmen to execute at high level proficiency.

Environmental Dredging - Our company has extensive experience performing complex sediment remediation dredging and disposal of sediments unsuitable for open-water disposal.  During operation, performances may include Water Quality Monitoring, Debris Boom, use of Environmental Dredging Bucket, containment of contaminants, and re-handle of containments to be disposed of at designatetd disposal sites.

Marine Services

With our great location, and two 85-ton Whirly Cranes, we can help maritime clients with heavy lift services over the waterway. We pride ourselves on being nimble and able to quickly respond to heavy lifting needs.


Our equipment and large loading/off loading area offers a wide range of heavy lifting capabilities for trucks, trailers, and containers.  This area also supports clients with short-term storage, and incidental staging needs.