Barge Dimensions140 ft x 70 ft x 13.5 ft
Max Load, Stern200 ton
Max Load, Full Rev.180 ton
Single Line Pull120,000 lb Rated
Boom Length140 ft

The Patriot is one of our marquee pieces of equipment. This 200 ton capacity floating crane expertly drives piling, lifts bridge sections, and conducts dredging operations. Since the Patriot has a load line, it can perform work in Washington, Oregon, California and Alaska.

Barge Dimensions

  • 140 ft x 70 ft x 13.5 ft
  • 8.5 Draft Fully Equipped

Max Load Rating from the Stern = 200 ton

Max Load Rating Full Revolving = 180 ton


  • Two Spud System - Length = 100 ft
  • Four Anchor Point System
  • ABS Load Line Certified
  • Primary Dredging Buckets    * 34 cy Re-handle  * 20 cy Round Nose Digging

Applications; Clamshell Work - Dredging, Heavy Lifting, Pile Driving