Barge Dimensions128' X 38' X 7'10
Max Load, Stern37.5 ton
Max Load, Full Rev.32.25 ton
Single Line Pull30,000 lbs
Boom Length132 ft

The Snohomish is the perfect size for those hard to reach locations.  The smallest in ý Construction floating fleet, the Snohomish is able to easily maneuver into tight spots, pick and drive piles, and has the ideal capacity to handle those critical private marina construction projects.

Applications; Pile Driving, Lifting, Clamshell Work - Dredging

Dredging Buckets * 2.5cy Digging  * 4cy Re-handle

Barge Dimensions

  • 90 ft x 39 ft-8 in x 6 ft
  • 3.5 ft Draft Fully Equipped

Two Spuds - Length = 60ft, Dia.= 20in

ABS Load Line